The Social Identity Lab’s research has a wide range of foci that include: influence and leadership within and between groups; minority influence and social change; deviance, marginalization and group structure; societal extremism, radicalization, and ideological orthodoxy; religious and political identity; human migration; group fragmentation and the pursuit of subgroup autonomy; vicarious cognitive dissonance; language, culture and identity; and social identity theory and uncertainty-identity theory themselves.

The Social Identity Lab has an extensive network of active collaborations with universities around the world:

  • The UK. University of Kent (Dominic Abrams), Durham University (Richard Crisp), University of Manchester (Robin Martin), Liverpool Hope University (Sucharita Belavadi)
  • Denmark. Aarhus University (Oluf Gøtzsche-Astrup)
  • The Netherlands. Rotterdam School of Management (Steffen Giessner)
  • Spain. ESADE Business School, Barcelon (Laura Guillén)
  • France. Emlyon Business School (Philippe Jacquart)
  • Greece. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Antonis Gardikiotis)
  • Italy. Università di Roma Sapienza (Matteo Antonini and Alessandra Talamo), Università di Roma Tre (Stefano Mastandrea), and Università di Cagliari (Barbara Barbieri)
  • Portugal. University of Porto (Jośe Marques)
  • India. Flame University, Pune (Sucharita Belavadi)
  • Canada. University of Alberta (David Rast)
  • The US. Texas Tech University (Zach Hohman), Humboldt State University (Amber Gaffney), Drexel University (Daan van Knippenberg), California University of Pennsylvania (Justin Hackett), University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (Joseph Wagoner), Lehigh University (Jiin Jung)